Thursday, August 30, 2007

Remove GRUB loader

Sometime we need to have 2 operating systems, e.g. ubuntu+windows xp.
Install XP first, then install Linux. But maybe later on, we want to delete the linux and its partition. After we delete, we cannot access the windows XP! GRUB loader error? What should we do?

Don't worry, you can have your XP back as long as you don't delete the partition. Grab your windows XP cd, and boot from your windows XP cd, same as if you want to install XP. Then wait until it asks for options. Choose Recovery Console by pressing 'R'. Then the screen will becomes black, then wait. Choose the windows you'd like to recover. Usually the first one, then input the number '1'.
You will now on command prompt: "C:\WINDOWS"
do these commands below:
- cd ..
- fixboot c:
- fixmbr
- bootcfg /rebuild

After that type exit, enter then your PC will be rebooted. If it's working properly, usually you will boot to your XP again. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

all very well but what if you cant boot from the windows xp cd ? (boot order is correct and the cd's are fine, so why no windows ? )

Bayu Prasidha said...

@anonymous: are you sure the windows xp cd is bootable?

Anonymous said...

yes the xp is bootable

Melissa said...

yeah, your directions are vague. When you run bootcfg /rebuild there are a lot more questions than you gave answers for, you just glossed over it. people's systems could get hosed by your lack of detail. Luckily I stopped long enough to read what it said, if I had been a more ignorant person things could have been bad.

Kristaps said...

A big thanks for you :)
I had instaled xp one 1. hdd a stuff on 2. hdd and ubuntu on 3 hdd. I tryed to remove sometjing but without uccess.
Now I have my XP back And Im Happy!
Big thank to you!!!

PeeJay said...

I'm trying to remove a Grub loader and was pleased to see the recommendations here. Unfortunately, although the CD loaded when I pressed R for the recovery console the message came back that it couldn't find a hard disk so the Startup process had to be aborted.
I've not knowingly deleted the XP partition and can log into Ubuntu OK still (but non-graphical and I'm not very good with the console commands). If there are any ideas on what's happened or what extra steps I might take to recover my XP system I'd be very grateful.